Board of Directors

1. Shri Narayan PV

Mr. Narayan PV is the Managing Director of Leebex Metals. He has been a prominent personality in the industry since the very beginning. He is well versed with the concept of forward integration with years of experience in the same. Mr. Narayan PV is very much synonymous with the term’s quality, intellect and multitude abilities. He is the mastermind behind the creation of all the impossible components and thus a great innovator in the newly formed Leebex Metals.

2. Shri Rajesh S Agarwal

Mr. Rajesh S Agarwal, director of Leebex Metals, is a man who has mastered the techno- commercial skills of copper manufacturing. With his astute 360° knowledge in every sphere of the copper market, including melting, extrusion and hot & cold rolling process, he has equipped himself with all-round capabilities in order to deliver outstanding services with his intellect and experience. Mr. Rajesh S Agarwal is a combination of principles and ethics with great team- building and leadership skills.

3. Shri Sasi PV

Apart from being a dynamic entrepreneur, Mr. Sasi PV is also the Director at Leebex Metals. With his superior engineering skills and in-depth knowledge of forward integration and copper manufacturing process, he has been influential in the creation of Leebex Metals. He is adept when it comes to handling the technical aspects of the production process. He is capable of articulating his thoughts to come up with a good output. Mr. Sasi PV is efficient in successfully backing the production process of the up and coming copper products due to his extensive product knowledge.